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Another EF Review!

The Snugglepuss!

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New EF Reviews!

Fragranced soy massaging candle.Vixen series glass g-spot wand

I have reviews of a couple of firsts up on EF!

The Bwarm massage candle:  my first ever massage candle, and I love it.

Brianna’s G-spot Wonder: my first ever porn star toy, and I love it, too.

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Four speed vibrating bullet with velvety texture and waterproof design

Bswish’s Bnaughty is my first bullet vibe! I bought it in black and it looks quite classy.

User’s manual stuff: the Bnaughty comes in the traditional Bswish box: sleek, and with a stylish photo on the cover of the product inside. The Bnaughty comes with a black cotton drawstring bag for storage. It takes 2 AA batteries and is made of plastic: the bullet can therefore be cleaned with toy cleaner, toy wipes, or with soap and water. The entire vibe is waterproof, thanks to little plastic caps that seal the wire connections on the end of the bullet and where the wire attaches to the control pack.

There are 4 vibration speeds, which are controlled by an up button and a down button on the control pack. Red LED lights light up next to the speed numbers, indicating the vibration intensity.

OK, now on to the fun stuff: my first impression of the Bnaughty was a good one. The plastic finish is velvety and soft and felt wonderful on my hands, nipples, and labia. The control pack, which is likewise velvety, is extremely ergonomic and feels nice in your hand. I put in the 2 AA batteries and cycled through all the vibration settings. It was a little loud on the highest setting.

The lowest setting was a nice warm-up. I worked my way up the vibration levels, inserting one end of the bullet a little (don’t insert all the way, though, without putting the bullet in a condom: you don’t want to tug on the cord and put pressure on the wires inside). On the highest setting, I came very quickly (like, in under 2 minutes). This vibe is great for clit stimulation: the plastic transmits the vibrations very well, so it wasn’t one of those vibration-levels-are-too-diffuse situations. On the other end of the spectrum, it doesn’t make anything go numb.

The seam on the bullet, fortunately, wasn’t difficult to clean at all. This bullet is not sterilizable, nor should it be used for ass-play (again, you don’t want to pull too hard on the cord). I can’t compare it to other bullets, since this is the first one I’ve ever used, but it was plenty powerful enough for me. I’ve used it several times and it hasn’t let me down. I brought it home over break and it was quiet enough to use at home (albeit after everyone else had gone to sleep, and not on the highest setting). I imagine, if I had a fan to cover the noise, or if I wasn’t at home and so terrified of being caught, the highest setting could be used discreetly.

Conclusion: this bullet is easy on the eyes, decently powerful, and easy to use. Good times.