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For Your Nymphomation Sex Toy Box

Locking zipper case for storing sex toys

I’m relatively new to sex toys, so storage wasn’t something I’d thought about until recently. Since my bedside table wasn’t cutting it anymore, I decided to get myself the FYN toy box. I had a hard time estimating how much it would hold from the dimensions and the photos, but the reviews were good, so I shelled out the metaphorical cash.

My red case arrived, and, turns out, it’s really, really cute. It’s very sturdy and doesn’t look like any of the seams will bust anytime soon (I mean, maybe if you over-stuffed it a LOT…). The deep side of the case has an elastic pocket and the shallow lid has four elastic loops. The zipper-pulls glow in the dark, which is just cool.

The toybox comes with a lock and two keys, which for me was the low point of the whole thing: the third time I unlocked the lock, the key got stuck inside and it took me twenty minutes to twist it out again. This has made me kind of leery of locking it again. Fortunately, I’m not in a position where I really need the case locked.  Or, I could look at it as an excuse to go buy one of the rhinestone locks at FYN…

For your reviewing pleasure, I’ve taken some pictures of my FYN case (on my incredibly rumpled duvet cover, sorry).


For scale, you have…my hand:


As you can see, quite a bit fits into this small case. On the left side, I’ve got a Snugglepuss, Smartballs, a chest harness with o-rings, FlowerBalm, a Layaspot, a Scrudy, and an Xtreme pack. On the right (in the loops), I’ve got a Bandito, a Twin Slimline G, a Rosebud, a slim Phallix wand (in its useless little satin bag), and a Sedeux Skyn:


One of the problems I ran into was the lack of internal compartments: the larger FYN cases have plastic sleeves so you can store toys individually, but the Toy Box does not. When I was putting toys into this box, I had to make sure I alternated silicone and non-silicone to prevent contact (the Scrudy actually still lives in a plastic bag in the toybox so it doesn’t mash up against the Sedeux Skyn).  It’s not a big deal, but you have to pay attention.

The FYN case won’t solve all my storage problems, since I have a bunch of toys that came in their own boxes (Lelo, njoy, etc) that are stacked up by my bedside table and need a more permanent home (plus some toys still living in the cardboard box next to my bed). But it’s a great place to put loose toys to keep them clean and accessible. I can envision buying several of these and having a collection of classy red toy cases. If you’re looking for a single case to house a large collection in, this isn’t going to be the toybox for you. But, it is what it is, and for what it is, I like it a lot.