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Black Friday: A Truly Dark Day

Every year, my grandmother drags me and the rest of my family shopping on Black Friday.  My grandmother has basically replaced having a real relationship with us with buying us lots of clothes.  My family doesn’t know anything about my abuse, so I’m sure this day will end with my grandmother annoying the crap out of me by asking me why I don’t have a boyfriend, ugh.  She’ll also do her best to get me to try on ugly things I don’t want and make comments about my weight, etc.

I can’t go to Babeland, obviously, since I’m with the family, which is annoying since I don’t make it into the city all that often anymore.  Sigh.


Ebay rocks!

I got a Lelo Iris for $50! I have to pay for it by money order, though, which I’ve never had to do before. I’m going to be buying some more toys for my collection, and my first toy for edenfantasys has been approved as well. So, I’ll soon have lots of new toys coming my way and I’ll be able to really get this blog moving.

Right now I’m in NYC for Thanksgiving with the family, eagerly awaiting tonight’s food coma. The rest of the weekend I’m going to lie around and watch endless episodes of What Not to Wear. I refuse to do any work until Sunday. I really have to work on getting off one of the SSRIs I’m on: it’s making doing schoolwork almost impossible and I’m tired of being useless.



So, I’m waiting for my first toy choice from edenfantasys to be approved.  Apparently the first one can take some time.  I’m trying to make friends in the community: it seems like it could take a while to get established.  But everyone I’ve talked to so far has been *really* helpful.  I had avoided Twitter before this, but now that I’m getting into it, it’s kind of fun.

I should be buying some new toys for myself soon (possibly after the ever-wonderful paycheck on the first of the month…ooo I just got the e-mail telling me I can view the paystub, I just can’t have the money yet).  I haven’t decided what to buy yet: there are so many things I want to try!  I’m going to try not to bankrupt myself, but there’s so much cool-looking stuff.


First Batch of Reviews

I’m new to sex toys, and I’m working right now on building my collection (which I hope will be large). I’ve done a few reviews so far for edenfantasys, and I’m going to link to them here!

Fun Factory’s Curve

njoy’s Pure Wand

Topco’s Slimline G

Devine Toys Afterglow Wipes

Cal Exotic’s Waterproof Silicone G

Wet Naturals Beautifully Bare



Hi! About a month ago, I precipitously decided to take up a new hobby: reviewing sex toys. My reasons for taking up this hobby are twofold: first, in the wake of Obama’s victory, I have nothing to do. No news to check constantly, no voters to call in swing states, no blip in some poll to obsess over. I’m staying engaged on a volunteer level, but politics is no longer an all-consuming preoccupation for me. I need something to fill that void (because, hey, I need a distraction from graduate school or I’ll go insane). My second reason for taking up sex toy blogging in particular is therapy. I am an abuse survivor. The relationship lasted four years. I got out a year ago, and I still find a lot of things related to sex triggering. By doing this kind of blogging, I’m hoping to a) push past a lot of my triggers and b) disassociate the concept of sex and pleasure from my abuser (the only man I’ve ever had sex with). We’ll see how this goes!