VERY FIRST Video Review: Lelo Iris!

OK, so this is my first attempt at a video review, so please be patient with my editing skills, my nervousness, my verbal ticks, etc…

Update: Thanks for the feedback so far, everyone!  I’ve attempted to fix the volume problem–can’t believe you people thought Tarkan should be turned down ;-) –so let me know if it’s OK!



  1. Beautiful Dreamer

    Great video review! Very thorough, very informative!! :)
    The Iris is much larger than what I first thought.

  2. Scarlet Lotus Sexgeek

    Looks great! A wonderful first video review. I look forward to more. =)

  3. Umm you have the cutest voice. That is all I can comprehend of this video.

  4. I love your voice BUT the music is very loud at the beginning and end of this.

  5. Much better! I liked the music you chose but when I first listened, the music blared. I turned it down then couldn’t hear you at all. LOL

  6. Miss KissThis

    So cute! Good job :)

  7. This was great! Loved the music :)

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  16. We loved your review! :) I’ll add it to our reviews section (with due credits naturally) and link it on our Facebook/Twitter, etc.

    Thank you very much!

  17. Awesome first video review! Rock it, girl.

  18. Great job! Lelo is awesome.

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