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For my first review item from Babeland, I requested the Fusion Duality by Evolved. The Duality arrived in the characteristic Evolved aluminum tin (very convenient for storage!). Plastered all over the tin are the selling points of this vibrator: Waterproof! Phthalates-free! 16 settings! It’s a larger toy than I expected it to be, having already tried out the Evolved Seduction: the Duality is about one-and-a-half times as long and is definitely thicker. The Duality is made of silky ABS plastic, and is pretty hefty. It’s hard and unyielding.  

The Duality has two distinct ends, each of which operates independently from the other. One end has bloops of increasing diameter (by the time you hit the middle, it’s pretty thick), while the other has a gentle curve for g-spotting with a bump to stimulate the clit. The curve isn’t thick, but it’s pretty wide. The control buttons are in the middle: one for the blooped end, a second for the curved end. Now, this bump didn’t quite hit my clit, but that’s going to be a question of individual anatomy.  

So, each end does different things. The curved end only vibrates at constant speeds. The pulsation patterns are exclusive to the blooped end. Like the Seduction, the vibrations are actually pretty loud (though muffled by the combination of a comforter AND a fan). Despite the volume, the vibrations on the highest setting aren’t mind-blowing, but they do get the job done. I’m much more fond of the pulsation patterns on the blooped end than I am of the curved g-spotting end.

Keep in mind that ABS plastic can’t be sterilized, so no sharing without condoms. It’s a waterproof toy, so as long as it’s tamped closed you don’t need to worry about getting water into the battery compartment, either during cleaning or sexy shower funtime.  

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