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Review: Intimate Organics for October 8, 2009

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Before sent me the products in the following review, the only Intimate Organics product I’d tried was Hydra, their water-based lube.  Hydra impressed (not just me, either), and these new products do not disappoint.  Thanks to for sending them along!  

Relaxing Lemongrass and Coconut Cleansing Bath and Shower Gel




This shower gel comes in a hefty 240mL bottle (about 8oz) with the Intimate Organics logo on the front of the label (sort of risque, I guess?  I don’t feel uncomfortable leaving it on the bathtub ledge in full view of my 3 roommates I met a month ago, but YMMV).  The smell is predominantly coconut-y: I can barely detect a hint of the lemongrass (not that I’m complaining, I love coconut).  The instructions on the side of the bottle say to dispense some of the product into your hands and work it into a lather, but like any shower gel ever created, this works better with a loofah.  You don’t use much (I use about a quarter-sized amount every time) so the bottle will last you for a while.  I’ve been using this gel for about a week and I really like it: the smell lingers after the the lather has been rinsed off and it’s a good moisturizer.  It’s also really good for shaving (legs: I haven’t tried it in this capacity anywhere else).  Is it any more relaxing than my shower otherwise would have been?  Probably not, but it does smell nice.  






Energizing Fresh Orange and Wild Ginger Body Souffle



The body souffle comes in a standard triangular-lotion-squeeze-bottle-thingie.  The bottle holds 150mL (about 5oz); I’ve been using it a lot this past week and it’s still going strong.  I’ll definitely be replacing this one once I’ve finished it.  The smell is lovely, with notes of both orange and ginger (neither one overpowers the other).  I’ve been carrying this around with me to use on my hands (again, Intimate Organics logo on the front, but I have felt totally unconspicuous pulling it out in public places).  What I like best about this lotion is that it’s absorbed by the skin remarkably quickly and doesn’t leave the skin slick or sticky (a problem I have with a lot of hand lotions).  According to the instructions it’s best used on damp skin.  I’ve used it both right out of the shower and later in the day and haven’t noticed a difference.  All around, nice product.  


All Intimate Organics products are paraben- and DEA-free, and they’re also vegan, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting on your skin.  Check it out: US customers go here and Canadian customers go here! 


UPDATE:  I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the whole “organic” thing Intimate Organics has going on, and I just want to clarify some things.  Intimate Organics products are USDA certified organic, which, while it’s pretty cool, only means that the plant ingredients (like the coconut, lemongrass, orange, and ginger) are grown without pesticides.  It does not mean that everything in the products is “all natural”.  In fact, Intimate Organics acknowledges this and says that all the ingredients in their products are “naturally derived”.  As for what that actually means in practice, your guess is as good as mine (after all, high-number elements on the periodic table you can only get by smashing smaller atoms together in a particle accelerator could be called “naturally derived”).  So, all in all, I think that Intimate Organics products are probably safer for your skin than drugstore brands that don’t even make an effort.  However, I’d still like to issue a general caueat emptor: these aren’t products that are free from chemicals (it’ll be hard for you to find anything that IS free from chemicals.  Chemicals are sometimes very useful and safe).  There’s a certain amount of marketing going on here, as there is with everything.  That said, I still think this stuff is pretty awesome.  



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