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Review: Tantus G-Force for TabuToys November 15, 2009

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I’m going to ruin the ending for you: the Tantus G-force is a big almost.  I was completely prepared to love it, as I do all of the Tantus toys I’ve had the good fortune to try.  But the second I pulled it out of its packaging, I was seized by trepidation.  Geeze, I thought, this thing is FLOPPY. As someone who requires very firm toys for effective g-spot stimulation, I was troubled: would this be the first Tantus toy that didn’t do it for me?  Was I going to have to write a negative review of A TANTUS TOY?!  C’nest pas possible, I thought.  I may have actually thought this in French, since I like the way it sounds.

To be sure, there’s a lot to love about the G-Force: it’s 100% silicone, it’s a pretty, deep wine color, it’s got a super comfy ergonomic grip handle with the Tantus logo stamped into the base.  It has all the quality and hallmarks we have all come to expect from Tantus.  But how would it perform?  I just kept holding it by its handle, flopping it around.  I could bend the head to touch the base with very little force, which was not, as they say, a good sign.

The shape is GREAT.  I inserted it with a little lube and it seemed to lock in on my g-spot immediately, like it was magnetically attracted there.  The handle is long, so I didn’t have to strain my short-ass arms or contort myself in any sort of awkward way to use the toy.  This is definitely a plus in my book, as my arms are very short.

Alas, it was as I had initially feared: the silicone was too floppy to provide the sort of g-spot stimulation I need.  The head itself is firm without much give, but the neck and handle are much more flexible, making it difficult to apply enough pressure to the required spots.  The handle just bends instead of transmitting the force onto the g-spot.  Frustrating.  The other problem is that the head and shaft aren’t particularly girthy, so not only could I not apply sufficient pressure to my g-spot, but I didn’t feel particularly filled up, either.  Frustrating.

The upshot: I’m saddened to have found the first Tantus toy that wasn’t 100% wow for me.  But for people who don’t require super-hard material or a good deal of pressure to please their g-spot, this toy would work really well.  Check it out and get your own at TabuToys.


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Sammi Says:

That’s too bad it’s not firmer – I love how this looks.

Toygirl Says:

I knooooooow. The shape is so good. It’s a tragedy.

Amorous Rocker Says:

Nice review.

I love Tantus and the toy looks way cool but based on your review, it wouldn’t do it for me either.

Epiphora Says:

Yup, same problem for me. I also had a sense of dismay when I realized how floppy it was. Argh, it’s frustrating, because the shape is so perf.

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