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About me:


I’m a perpetual student who is exploring her sexuality and hoping to give others some good information in the process. (I’ve also found this to be really fun procrastination. Just sayin’.) I’m a descriptions reviewer at Eden Fantasys. I also review for  Babeland, PinkCherry.com, and Vibrator.com.

Some things about me: I’m obsessed with Sharpies. I have three very nosy, somewhat prudish roommates, who are constantly asking what’s in all the packages I get in the mail. I live and go to school in Boston. I’m a feminist and a liberal. I’m in love with Jon Stewart. In my real life, I’m a linguist: as such, I’m more on the science/math side and less on the creative side. I’m currently dealing with PTSD from an abusive relationship, so I’ll talk about that from time to time, too.

You can reach me by leaving a comment (discussion encouraged!) or e-mailing me at toygirlblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

And, here’s my wishlist/gift registry if you’d like to see it. :-)

About this site:

I chose the name of this site because in linguistics there are such things as clitics. Clitics are little words that don’t have independent stress of their own, so if you say, “Get ‘em!” the ‘em (which is a shortened form of them) sort of leans on the previous word and doesn’t get its own stress.

Anyway, this leads to lots of funny words like cliticization (which is what happens when you turn them into ‘em), and of course, the abbreviation clit. It’s all just too funny, and has lead to me stifling many a giggle in the back of class. Yes, I’m a grad student. No, it hasn’t gotten any less funny.

The wonderful and talented Epiphora suffered through my endless questions about domains and hostings and transfers and images, and so she get permanent credit and my thanks.