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30 Jun

At this point, I own a lot of glass toys.  I’ve tried smooth glass toys, textured glass toys, straight glass toys, curved glass toys.  I am all over the glass toys.  So I feel pretty comfortable making judgments about individual toys.  The Chocolate Chip by Dream Toys Glassworks was sent to me by the awesome people over at and is, in short, a totally serviceable and inexpensive glass dildo.  It didn’t rock my world or provide any sensations I haven’t felt before, but it performs solidly and at $30 won’t break anyone’s wallet.

Some things I really liked about the Chocolate Chip:

1) The head.  I like that the head of the dildo isn’t too pronounced.  On a lot of glass toys, the head is WAY bigger than the shaft, so sometime when you try to insert it you’re all like OMG OWWW.  I am happy to report that with the Chocolate Chip THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN!  The head of the Chocolate Chip is really tapered and easy to insert with a little lube, hooray!  It’s even got stylized notches on the underside as a nod to the real deal, but I couldn’t feel them during use.

2) The texture.  There are little black glass bumps, which, when the dildo is inserted, stimulate the entrance of the vagina.  They feel nice, and for me personally they were well placed and hit the right spots (but of course, anatomies differ and YMMV).

3) The handle.  There’s a double-blooped handle, which is really easy to hold on to for thrusting.  It’s not pronounced enough for me to declare this anal-safe, but it’s handy to have.  Alternatively, you could use the handle vaginally for a slightly girthier experience.

4) The packaging.  The Chocolate Chip comes packaged in a box that’s reminiscent of njoy packaging (did you know that there’s also a company called NJOY that makes “electronic cigarettes”?  I didn’t, until just now when I googled for the url and I’m still not really clear on what they are.  Weird).  The box is heavy cardboard and the interior is satiny-lined styrofoam.  The box also has two satiny ties, so you can secure the dildo and keep it from rolling around.  You also get an insert that shows all the other Dream Toys glass dildos.  This packaging is super classy and I would totally feel comfortable giving it as a gift to someone I felt comfortable gifting sex toys to.  Yes. 

Some things I wasn’t so thrilled about:

1) The imperfections.  I found some slight imperfections in the glass, mostly air bubbles in or around the colored bumps on the shaft.  Dream Toys’ dildos are inexpensive, and while this is great, it shows a little bit aesthetically.  Not enough to keep me from buying another toy from this manufacturer, but be aware that there may be some bubbles.

2) The curve.  The shaft IS curved, but only slightly.  In my opinion, this particular toy could stand to be a little more curved.  I like really curvy toys.

Other things to note (which are neither positive nor negative):

1) The girth.  I like the girth of this toy, but I like my dildos on the moderate-to-slim side.  So if you’re a size queen, be aware that this toy isn’t particularly thick (although, being glass, it feels larger than it actually is).  It’s no more than 1.25 inches in diameter at its widest point.

2) There has to be a 2, right?  I can’t just leave 1 hanging there or there’d have been no point in numbering this section AT ALL.  I will use this space to plug these.  They’d be awesome to use with this toy.

All in all, I think the Chocolate Chip is a great, affordable glass piece.  I own two more from the Dream Toys Glassworks line, and I have not been disappointed.  As a bonus, the Chocolate Chip does NOT come in a bag that smells weird!  So if you love glass but don’t want to shell out the big bucks, I would definitely check this out at Pinkcherry.

The Final Checklist:
Body-safe: ✔
Anal-safe: x
Textured: ✔
Oh so very affordable: ✔
Outspoken Clitic Rating: 8/10

10 Responses to “Review: Dream Toys Glassworks Chocolate Chip for”

  1. Elodie 30. Jun, 2010 at 6:21 pm #

    “I own a lot of glass toys”

    I am jealous, I have none. This one looks great — little “chocolate” nubs, with nothing pink in sight.

  2. Outspoken Clitic 30. Jun, 2010 at 6:22 pm #

    The lack of pink is truly a godsend.

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